Sims Learning Gateway

This online service allows you to see up to date information on your child and current information on your child’s’ school.  Parents can access information about their son/daughter including:


Parents can ensure that key information retained by the school (e.g. contact details) is correct - (please contact the school if any of the information needs to be changed). You can also see what lessons your child has each day in their online timetable.

The following is important information about your Online Account and the data that you will be able to access:

Only Parents or Carers with ‘parental control’ for a particular child are entitled to a SIMS Learning Gateway account for that child’s data.  Parents without parental control are not allowed accounts and are not receiving this letter.
Only you (as the Parent of a Child), your child and authorised school staff can access this data about your child.
Your data and that of all children is managed by the school and is held securely on servers at your child’s school.  We take the security of this data very seriously and all sensible measures have been taken to safeguard this information.
When you connect to SIMS Learning Gateway, data is transmitted across the Internet securely using security encryption.
You will be able to change your password at will to maintain the security of your account.

Click here to access the Sims Learning Gateway